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Selected Conference Presentations, Podcasts and Webinars

"Addressing violence against women and children through Early Childhood Development". Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) Forum (September 2022).


"Abortion care during the Covid-19 pandemic: lived experiences in Australia" (poster), International Federation of Abortion and Contraception Professionals (FIAPAC) conference (September 2022). 

"Lived experiences of abortion care in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia," Children by Choice conference (August 2022).

"Applying a complex adaptive systems approach to evaluation of social change interventions," European Evaluation Society (September 2021).

"Demystifying open access in sexual and reproductive health research," Society of Family Planning annual conference (October 2020).


"Evaluating a school-based intimate partner violence prevention intervention". Health Policy and Planning podcast. Link to podcast.

"The role of stigma and social norms in women’s abortion experiences and expectations of care in Kenya and India," Dutch society for global health professionals (NVTG) (November 2019).

"Preventing intimate partner violence among young people," Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) Forum (October 2019).

Comprehensive sexuality education as a strategy to prevent intimate partner violence among young people in Mexico City," Kyoto Global Conference for Rising Public Health Researchers (December 2018).

"School-based Data Collection in the Context of an Earthquake: Evaluation of a Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program in Mexico City," European Evaluation Society conference (Oct 2018). Link to abstract

"Basics of Indicator Development," webinar presented to the Prospera Community of Practice (Oct 2018). 

"Design and implementation of a mixed methods study: Evaluation of a comprehensive sexuality education program in Mexico City," Mixed Methods in Research Association conference (Aug 2018). Link to abstract.

A Co-Production Approach to Evaluating an Abortion Stigma Reduction Intervention using Theory of Change," American Evaluation Association conference (Nov 2017). Link to abstract.

Use of a Theory of Change in the development and evaluation of abortion stigma reduction interventions: Two case studies from Latin America,” American Public Health Association conference (Nov 2017). Link to abstract.

Co-production of research and theory of change as a basis for evidence-based interventions to prevent dating violence,” Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum (Sept 2017). Link to abstract.


Counseling for legal abortion as an opportunity to address abortion stigma: Qualitative study in Mexico City,” American Public Health Association (Oct 2016).


Conocimiento sobre la legalidad del aborto y su rol en los servicios: un estudio cualitativo de la Ciudad de México y Colombia,” CLACAI (Nov 2016).

Panelist, 3ie Future of Impact Evaluation Conference (April 2015).

"Promoting sexual rights: Ensuring access to sexual and reproductive health services for sexually diverse populations in Latin America and the Caribbean," American Public Health Association conference (Nov 2010).

Webcast: “A Toolkit for Individuals and Organizations Interested in Working with Sexually Diverse Populations,” Clinical Directors Network (Aug 2010).


Inclusive Service Provision for Sexually Diverse Populations: Surveying Staff as a Tool for Sensitization,” American Evaluation Association (Nov 2008).


Inclusive Service Provision for Sexually Diverse Populations,” American Public Health Association (Oct 2008).


Instruments to Build Capacity for Work with Sexually Diverse Populations,” Global Health Council (June 2007).


Assessing Stigma among Clinical Staff New to HIV Testing: IPPF's Experience in the Caribbean,” American Public Health Association (Oct 2007).


Sex and Survival: Colors of the Rainbow Project,” Global Health Council (May 2006).

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