Peer-Reviewed Publications

Makleff S, Billowitz M, Garduño J, Cruz M, Silva Marquez VI, Marston C. "Applying a social complex adaptive systems approach when evaluating implementation of a school-based intervention for intimate partner violence prevention: A case study in Mexico." Health Policy and Planning (2020).

Makleff S, Labandera A, Chiribao F, Friedman J, Cardenas R, Sa E, Baum SE. “Experience obtaining legal abortion in Uruguay: Knowledge, attitudes, and stigma among abortion clients.” BMC Women’s Health (2019).


Makleff S, Wilkins R, Wachsmann H, Gupta D, Wachira M, Bunde W, Radhakrishnan U, Cislaghi B, Baum SE. "Exploring stigma and social norms in women’s abortion experiences and their expectations of care." Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (2019).

Makleff S, Garduño J, Zavala RI, Barindelli F, Valades J, Billowitz M, Silva Márquez VI, Marston C. "Preventing intimate partner violence among young people – a qualitative study examining the role of comprehensive sexuality education." Sexuality Research and Social Policy (2019).

Keefe-Oates B, Makleff S, Sa E, Forero LJ, Mendoza D, Olaya MA,Avila Morales F, Friedman J, Baum SE. “Experiences with abortion counselling in Mexico City and Colombia: Addressing women’s fears and concerns.” Culture, Health & Sexuality (2019).

McCarthy OL, Osorio Calderon V, Jado I, Saibov S, Stavridis A, Lopez Gallardo J, Tokhirov R, Adada S, Huaynoca S, Makleff S, Vandewiele M, Standaert S, Free C. “Development of an intervention delivered by mobile phone to increase acceptability and use of effective contraception for young people in three low and middle income countries.” BMC Public Health (2018).

McCarthy OLOsorio Calderon VMakleff SHuaynoca SLeurent BEdwards PLopez Gallardo JFree C.​"An Intervention Delivered by App Instant Messaging to Increase Acceptability and Use of Effective Contraception Among Young Women in Bolivia: Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial." JMIR Research Protocols (2017).

Santelli J, Lindberg LD, Finer LB, Rickert VI, Bensyl D, Posner S, Makleff S, Kost K, Singh S. “Comparability of Contraceptive Prevalence Estimates for Women from the 2002 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.” Public Health Reports (2008).

Reports, Blogs and Toolkits


Blog: "Can sexuality education can help prevent partner violence?". Based on a presentation at the 2019 Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) Forum.


Briefing paper: "Preventing intimate partner violence among young people– The role of comprehensive sexuality education." Advancing Learning and Innovation on Gender Norms (ALIGN) (2019). 

BlogQualitative data shows how sexuality education can address social norms (2019).


Blog: How to present quotes from interview transcripts: the ‘tidying up’ dilemma (2018).

Report: “Tackling the Taboo: Sexuality and Gender Transformative Programmes to End Child Marriage.” Summary Report for the Girls Not Brides 2nd Global Meeting (2018). 

Blog: Reflections on establishing and sustaining partnership (2015). 


Report: “On the Streets: Reaching Latin America's Most Vulnerable Youth People." International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere Region (2010).

Toolkit: Sexual Diversity Toolkit. International Planned Parenthood / Western Hemisphere Region (2010). 

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